The Suns Didn’t Stand For Being Blocked On Twitter By Several NBA Teams Because Of The Eclipse

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The entire country was taken over by the buzz surrounding the solar eclipse on Monday and that movement leaked into the sports world. Of course, most of the attention was paid to a couple of sports figures trying to prove their toughness by, well, staring at the eclipse against doctor’s orders, a handful of NBA teams took a different approach.

In short, the Hawks, Wolves, Nets and Bucks all hopped on Twitter to post videos of various blocks from their team against the Phoenix Suns in a well-themed tribute of sorts.

The four clubs in question all took the extra step of blocking the official Suns account on Twitter and, later in the day, Phoenix returned the favor with a public declaration of their own.

There were plenty of entertaining reactions to this measure but the Memphis Grizzlies, from the top rope, jumped into the mix.

This is, of course, a very silly back and forth but that doesn’t make it any less tremendous. This is the kind of thing that makes the NBA perfect in the social media age and team accounts often do a phenomenal job of drumming up extra interest in their content by just being witty and smart in this form. In short, this is yet another example.