The NBA’s Sneaker King P.J. Tucker Finally Got His Own PE’s From Nike

Getty Image

P.J. Tucker is the undisputed sneaker king of the NBA. The Rockets’ forward wears more different sneakers and more extremely rare sneakers than anyone in the league, partially because, while he’s on a Nike deal and as such only wears Nikes and Jordans, he’s not beholden to wearing a signature sneaker or even his own PE (player exclusive).

Tucker has debuted sneakers before they even hit the market, he’s worn exceptionally rare shoes — to the point that even Michael Jordan had to ask him one time where he got a pair of J’s — and he often has multiple pairs at the ready in case he feels the need to make a switch at the half. Tucker is the rare NBA player who isn’t picky about what’s on his feet, wearing high tops, mid tops, low tops, old designs, new designs, and everything in between. Many players in the league have tremendous sneaker collections, but most have one shoe they like to play in and stick with that — Khris Middleton, for instance, was a loyal Kobe wearer until they went to mid tops, so he went to the Hyperdunk low a year ago because he can’t wear anything but low tops.

Still, having his own PE remained an elusive milestone for Tucker in his NBA career, but as his status has grown, Nike took notice and sent Tucker his very own PE of the Hyperdunk X low.

It’s a clean Rockets colorway with the red and black accents on the white sneaker, and features his own “PJ 17” logo. It’s cool to see Tucker getting recognized by Nike with his own PE, partially because he’s been playing so well in Houston and also because there’s no one in the league that has more attention paid to what’s on his feet on a nightly basis from sneakerheads than Tucker.