Barack Obama’s NCAA Tournament Bracket Is Covered In Chalk Dust

03.16.16 2 years ago

With the slow-moving car crash this election cycle has become, our current president has seemed cooler and more desirable by the day. Sure, Barack Obama’s been picking March Madness brackets with ESPN’s Andy Katz since the beginning of his administration, but in light of the complete insanity that is Donald Trump’s campaign and the bitter divisiveness of Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders, the final iteration of this tradition just feels refreshingly folksy at this point. Look, it’s a president doing completely normal things! How nice.

Obama, chastened by Katz for consistently going chalk-heavy, switched things up a bit this year by picking a three-seed, Texas A&M, to the Final Four, but couldn’t overcome his true nature and picked the top overall seed, Kansas, as his NCAA Tournament champion. That marks the third time he’s picked Kansas, and he was wrong both times before. Everyone superstitious out there better find a new winner, and fast.

Even though he won’t be president next year, we hope someone still asks Obama to fill out a bracket. Maybe without the pressures of holding office, he can actually catch a couple more NCAA games and maybe pick a couple of upsets that aren’t just his home state of Hawaii (although that’s not a bad pick).

(Via ESPN)

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