Randy Moss Believes He Could Have Averaged 20 Points Per Game In The NBA During His Prime

The Inside the NBA crew has a special guest joining Kevin Garnett on Thursday night, as Randy Moss is alongside his fellow Minnesota sports legend in Area 21. If the first segment between the two is any indication, we’re in for an awesome night, because as NFL fans know, Moss is fantastic on television.

Moss answered a few questions from the Inside crew. Most notably, Moss thinks he could have averaged somewhere in the 20 points per game range if he played basketball in his prime. This is after he said the he thinks he could average “10 and 5” if he played in the NBA today. Moss (who is 39) also thinks that Terrell Owens (who is 43) could do this if he played in 2017.

All of this happened after Moss gave the perfect answer to the question “Who is the Randy Moss of the NFL today?” Moss thought about it for a second before proclaiming “man, when they threw me out the league, they wasn’t gonna let nobody like me back in the National Football League … there ain’t no Randy Mosses coming through.”

The bar was set super high for the rest of the night, especially because Moss ended the segment by hitting a free throw and asking Shaquille O’Neal for a $20 (there’s a wonderful story behind this). If Moss keeps this up, hopefully he’ll get the chance to join KG in Area 21 every week.