Ray Allen’s SICK 40th Birthday Cake Marks Every Stop On His Hall-Of-Fame Career


Ray Allen is particular. He’s precise. He knows how to hit the mark. That’s why, when purchasing a proper birthday cake for the most prolific three-point shooter ever, it’s only right to choose the kind of layered structure that gives respect to Ray’s style and his diligence.

Allen has played capably and notably for the Milwaukee Bucks (the team who traded for him on Draft Night ’96), the Seattle SuperSonics (now the Oklahoma City Thunder), the Boston Celtics (where he won his first championship), the Miami Heat (2nd ring on the Greatest Clutch Shot ever), and the UConn Huskies (college). This marvelous 40th birthday cake gives a sweet stack of morsels to every stop on the sniper’s long and storied career.

And we’d bet it only took him one huff to blow out every candle. Why? ‘Cause “Jesus” don’t miss.

[Via Ray Allen]