Reggie Miller’s Silly Rebuttal After Shaq Asked Him To Stop Using ‘Hack-A-Shaq’

04.27.15 3 years ago 2 Comments


Intentional fouling has become a hot topic during the NBA playoffs. Gregg Popovich ruthlessly employs the strategy with DeAndre Jordan, while Rick Carlisle uses the tactic on Houston’s brigade of charity stripe challenged big men. The actual act of intentionally fouling is referred to as the ‘Hack-a-Shaq,’ because the strategy originated when Don Nelson began intentionally fouling Shaquille O’Neal when he first came into the NBA and struggled from the line; also, it rhymes.

However, Shaq is tired of hearing his name taken in vain every time it happens. He wrote a tweet to Reggie Miller to voice his displeasure after Miller repeatedly used the term Hack-a-Shaq during the Game 4 broadcast between the Mavs and Rockets.

Where to even begin with this tweet. First of all, Shaq tweets in the third person, which is possibly the most Shaq thing ever. Shaq bringing up the 2000 Finals is also very Shaq-ish (i.e. childish).

Not to be outdone in pettiness, Reggie Miller responded during the broadcast saying, “stop crying, stay in the green room and eat your popcorn.” Reggie Miller’s ability to get under someone’s skin remains unmatched.

Sorry Shaq, but the Hack-a-Shaq moniker is here to stay. It’s been proven throughout the course of history you can’t stop humans from saying something that rhymes.

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