Report: Dwight Howard Still Wants Orlando To Trade Him

You had to be either stupid or a blind Magic fan to believe Dwight Howard‘s flirtation with moving on from Orlando ended at the trade deadline. If anything, it only dragged out what I think is inevitable at this point. The Magic cleaned house on the bench and in the front office yesterday, letting Stan Van Gundy go and agreeing to part ways with GM Otis Smith . And yet, the team’s All-Star center still wants out. reports that according to a source close to Howard, someone who has spoken with the big man recently, he “desperately wants to be traded prior to the start of next season.”

So now we’re right back to the starting blocks, with New Jersey in the mix, as well as teams like the Clippers, Dallas, the Lakers and New York all possibly coming after the best center in the game. Coming off of back surgery, Howard will meet with Orlando’s brass soon enough, and if he is hesitant to sign a long-term deal to stay with the team, it’ll be the signal they need to deal him before the start of the season.

The Magic are in transition, having just let go a great coach, and will field a lineup next year that’ll be lottery bound without Howard, and a probable early playoff loser with him. He has to see the writing on the wall. If he ever wants to try something new, now is the time, especially with Orlando appearing like they’re ready to start over as well.

Hopefully, a decision will be made soon on Howard’s future status because this’ll have a domino effect, and will allow the rest of the NBA’s cards to fall into place.

Where will Howard be on opening night next fall?

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