Report: The Sixers Still Have ‘Strong Interest’ In Kyle Lowry And Want To Work Towards A Sign-And-Trade This Summer

The Toronto Raptors ultimately decided that Kyle Lowry wasn’t going anywhere at the trade deadline. Despite the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, and Philadelphia 76ers all apparently having interest in pulling off a deal for the All-Star point guard, Toronto opted to hold onto Lowry ahead of his unrestricted free agency this summer.

Whether they keep him or not is a separate thing, because there is going to be interest in someone bringing Lowry on board this summer. One such team, according to Sam Amick and John Hollinger of The Athletic, are the Sixers, who are still very much into the idea of acquiring Lowry but understand that it’d almost certainly have to come via a sign-and-trade.

Sources say the Sixers still plan on pursuing him by way of a possible sign-and-trade. While they added George Hill at the deadline in lieu of Lowry, only $1.2 million of his $10 million salary for next season is guaranteed, and the deal expires at that point. The Lowry interest remains very strong there.

The rumor back around the deadline was that Lowry would want two years and at least $50 million wherever he was going to get traded, and while it is unclear if that is still going to be the case for a guy who will be 36 next season, Philly cannot do that straight up in free agency. Nevertheless, they do make a ton of sense in that they give Lowry a chance to go home and chase another ring, plus they could really use what he brings as a floor general.