Richard Jefferson Talked Trash With Steph Curry And Andre Iguodala At Kent Bazemore’s Wedding

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After meeting in the Finals for three consecutive years, the Cavs and Warriors are widely considered the best rivalry in modern times. There’s also the popular perception that these two teams legitimately don’t like each other. Unfortunately, that latter part seems to be more myth than fact.

Would LeBron James really make a public proclamation that Steph Curry deserves a $400 million contract if he truly hated him so much? Or would Richard Jefferson – who was hilariously seated at a table with Curry and Andre Iguodala at Kent Bazemore’s wedding this weekend – use that opportunity to engage in some good-natured trash talk, film it, then put it on Instagram for the world to see? Because that’s exactly what happened.

When Iggy tries to brag that he has one more ring than RJ, the 37-year-old Cavs forward was quick to point out that he wasn’t a part of that loss in 2015; therefore, he personally has a tidy 1-1 record against Golden State. It also bears mentioning that Jefferson was once a Warrior.

He was there during the 2012-2013 season and boasts Curry as a former teammate, but he was also there a year before Iguodala arrived. Regardless, it’s great to see some good-natured, off-the-court trash talk among heated opponents on the court.