RJ Barrett Posterized Bogdan Bogdanovic And Sent MSG Into A Frenzy

The playoffs are only two days old, but we already have a strong frontrunner for the dunk of the postseason courtesy of RJ Barrett.

As anticipated, Game 1 of the East’s 4-5 matchup between the Hawks and Knicks was a highly competitive, back-and-forth affair, but things really got going in the third quarter. That is when the second-year Knicks guard got the ball on the break against the Hawks and proceeded to punch one in on top of Bogdan Bogdanovic, sending the 15,000 fans in Madison Square Garden into an absolute frenzy.

The atmosphere in the Garden for Game 1 was remarkable, with Knicks fans thoroughly enjoying their first taste of playoff basketball in eight years. After a year with limited capacity crowds, the Knicks, with a robust vaccinated section, had a nearly full building, and for the first time in a long time, it felt like normal. Well, as normal as a Knick playoff game can be.

They were living and dying on every bucket, but nothing got them going quite like seeing their young sophomore star put, as Greg Anthony said on the call, “not a mani, not a pedi, but a FACIAL” on Bogdanovic to tie the game after the Hawks had opened up a solid advantage earlier in the quarter. New York exited the quarter with a two point lead after going up as many as seven, and the stage was set for a sensational final period of play.