Russell Westbrook Goes Spin Cycle Through The Lane For An Absurd And-1 Layup

10.19.15 3 years ago

When Russell Westbrook backs up from the top of the key and starts moving north to south, there might not be a single defender on the planet who can stop him from getting to the cup.

The really remarkable thing about this move during last night’s 111-98 win over the visiting Nuggets wasn’t his burst of acceleration, but the burst, quickly followed by a ballerina’s grace on the spin move before the layup.

That is so freakin’ hard to do. The body control alone to avoid the travel is impressive, but to also finish with the shot off the glass is otherworldly.

Before Westbrook twisted his way to that gorgeous layup, he beat rookie Emmanuel Mudiay for a pair of backdoor cuts to open the game.

“Teams are gonna deny him and he’s so quick,” Kevin Durant said after the game. “So this keeps the defense honest.”

So do moves like the one above, a reminder of that quickness and the finishing ability.

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