Russell Westbrook And Steven Adams Might Have A Telepathic Bond

04.03.18 12 months ago

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Everyone in the Air Canada Centre thought they knew what was coming next. Russell Westbrook had just scored or assisted on 16 of the Thunder’s last 18 points, almost all of which began with him bringing the ball up the court and receiving a screen from Steven Adams somewhere along the perimeter.

Thanks to Adams creating separation between Westbrook and his defender with a series of bone-crushing screens, the seven-time All-Star had all the space he needed to knife his way to the basket, pull-up from midrange, or kick it out to his teammates for catch-and-shoot opportunities when the Raptors started to collapse on his drives.

Based on the shots they were getting out and how well they were converting them, the Thunder wisely cleared the floor for Westbrook and Adams to run another pick-and-roll when the game was tied up with less than a minute remaining in regulation.

Then this happened:

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