Kings Guard Ty Lawson Might Be On His Way To The NBA’s First Ever ‘DNP-Tacos’

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The Sacramento Kings are a mess, just about nobody is disputing this. But what can be said about the Kings is they’re nothing if not entertaining, and now, maybe, hopefully, historic.

Much-maligned point guard Ty Lawson has been a sneaky good pickup for the Kings this year, even if he doesn’t quite fit their “character” edict, but he might be missing tonight’s game against the Nets for the silliest and most amazing reason ever: Tacos.

The whole episode took place on Lawson’s Snapchat in the last 24 hours, and his taco Tuesday exploits seemingly have caused his demise. First, Lawson asked all of Snapchat where he could find the best tacos in Sacramento. (Via Chase Everett)

A noble cause, and as a Sacramento native, I must say he could have just about closed his eyes and threw a dart at a map of the town and found a mighty fine taco place. If I had known Lawson was outsourcing, I could have recommended El Padrino’s, Beto’s, Super Taco, El Novillero, Esperanza’s or a dozen other places in town. Whatever the case, Lawson clearly found some tacos and seemed pretty excited about it.

Until, as fate would have it, today when the Kings announced in their official injury report for the game that Lawson was doubtful with a case of gastroenteritis, more commonly known as “Bubble Guts” or “Too Many Tacos Syndrome.” Yeah, we’ve all been there before, and Lawson’s case of tacos running their course just might cause him to call in sick, literally.

Maybe Lawson shouldn’t have been teasing Tyreke Evans so badly for devouring some nachos in the locker room. Stomach karma is unforgiving.

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Food ain't going no where !!!!!

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So yeah, Lawson might rack up the first ever DNP-Tacos, and hopefully Kings coach Dave Joerger has enough of a sense of humor to list his absence as such, because “gastroenteritis” isn’t nearly as fun. As for Lawson, well, I’m guessing his day went something like Dave Chappelle’s.