Salt Lake City Adorably Defends Itself Against The Warriors’ Jabs About Its Nightlife

05.02.17 2 years ago

The Golden State Warriors couldn’t hide their disappointment on Sunday when the Utah Jazz ousted the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 7 of their opening-round series. According to several players, they were really hoping to spend some of their downtime between games carousing around Hollywood and the Sunset Strip (or whatever it is rich celebrities do when they’re in L.A.).

Instead, they have to go to Utah, which obviously doesn’t offer the same caliber of adult-oriented entertainment. Jazz fans, of course, took it not only as a sign of disrespect from their opponents, but a slight on their fair city, which prompted Joe Ingles to suggest that they either rent a car (!!!) or hire a private jet to fly them back and forth to Vegas.

Now, Scott Beck, the president and CEO of Visit Salt Lake, has joined the fray. On Tuesday, he shared the ironically-titled video “There’s Nothing to Do in Salt Lake,” which highlights the city’s world-class microbreweries, it’s more than 1,700 restaurants, and various other recreational opportunities like live music, dancing, outdoor activities, sporting events, and more. Via The San Francisco Chronicle.

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