Scottie Pippen Broke Down How The Newly Released Retro Air Maestro II Complemented His Game

Via House of Hoops

Scottie Pippen famously broke out a new sneaker for the 1994 NBA All-Star Game, as he took the floor in the Nike Air Maestro IIs en route to taking home the game’s MVP award. The sneakers were strikingly red with black accents throughout and, of course, the iconic Nike swoosh.

Fast forward to today and Pippen and Nike teamed up to re-release the famous kicks. The Air Maestro IIs were released on the SNKRS app on Thursday morning for $140, and as of 4:30 p.m., pairs were still available. In anticipation of the release, Pippen teamed up with House of Hoops for a video highlighting himself wearing the sneakers while telling stories about his history with them.

In addition to Pippen saying his son loved the shoes and that they “did something right 25 years ago,” he recalls wearing them for the ’94 All-Star Game and some red tape he ran into. Additionally, Pippen explained how he believed these shoes — which possessed flash and style akin to his game — complemented him on the basketball court.

It’s always cool when Nike decides to bring back classic kicks of yesteryear, and these are certainly no exception. Beyond the way they look, it is legitimately cool that Pippen has such a strong personal connection to the shoes that hasn’t gone away in more than two decades.