Grambling State’s Shakyla Hill Netted The Elusive Quadruple-Double In A College Basketball Game

01.05.18 6 months ago


For as much as the triple-double dominated much of the conversation in basketball last season, there are harder statistical feats to reach. Russell Westbrook’s amazing assault on the NBA’s triple-double record in the 2016-17 season illustrated just how hard it is to get enough of a third category in the stat sheet to hit the mark.

But one thing Westbrook has not done in his NBA career is the elusive quadruple double. That’s right: four stat categories in double digits. But it’s something that Shakyla Hill did on Wednesday night for Grambling State.

Hill scored 15 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, and 10 steals on Wednesday. To make it clear just how hard it is to get a quadruple-double, it’s been 32 years since anyone has reached the elusive mark in the NBA the way Hill did.

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