Shams Charania Told Hasan Minhaj About How His High School Lunch Tweets Haunt Him

Everybody loves a good lunch. It’s an undeniably enjoyable part of the day, a reprieve from monotony and a chance to grub on some delicious food. That can ring especially true in high school, when days are grinding and busy, and not often filled with breaks to socialize.

When Shams Charania of The Athletic was in high school, he probably could’ve classified as a lunch super fan. The dude was constantly tweeting about lunch — like, all the time. He’s got an assortment of tweets that simply read “lunch time!” I guess he must’ve been eating good. Lucky him. If only he offered more details about the contents of these lunches. He’s a man of mystery in that regard.

At some point, once he established himself as a preeminent NBA newsbreaker, those tweets resurfaced and became a source of humor for NBA Twitter. Speaking with Hasan Minhaj on Spotify Live Monday, Charania said his Instagram comments are flooded with “lunch.”

“All people do is tag ‘lunch,'” he said. “When I was in high school, I would tweet about lunch a lot. So, these people just dig that stuff up. Like, that’s probably the craziest thing I’ve seen on the internet.”

Charania did not specify whether he remains a lunch enthusiast, unfortunately. Hopefully, he still is. A great sandwich, salad, soup or other dish really delivers in the early afternoon, and for a man who says his average screen time is 17-18 hours a day, he deserves that midday treat.