Shaq Drilled Kenny Smith In The Face While Playing Dodgeball On ‘Inside The NBA’

The postgame portion of Inside the NBA pretty regularly goes off the rails, as the final segment of the night once they’re done talking about the games they just watched, the news of the day, and previewing the next night’s game is typically them doing something incredibly silly or dumb.

On Wednesday, there was plenty to talk about with a Sixers “choke job,” in the words of Charles Barkley, after blowing a 26-point lead to the Hawks in the early game and then Paul George putting forth a massive performance to beat the Jazz in Utah without Kawhi Leonard in the late game, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t time at the end for shenanigans. The crew decided to play a little dodgeball, and unsurprisingly that meant Shaq getting a touch too competitive, with Kenny on the receiving end of a fastball to the face from the big fella as it was Kenny and Chuck vs. Shaq and Ernie.

I feel like every time they try to do a little friendly competition on Inside it always ends up with Shaq being unable to keep the juices from flowing and trying to take someone out. Even when the tables are turned on him and he’s asked to shoot a free throw on a mini-hoop, he ends up running around chasing Chuck to dunk on him. Things didn’t go well for Kenny and Chuck in their battle with Shaq and Ernie, with the Jet taking the brunt of the damage.