This Sick Passing Highlight Video Shows Off DeMarcus Cousins’ Versatility

Think of DeMarcus Cousins. 6-11, 270 pounds, with a burgeoning post-game, Boogie is surely banging, powering, and willing his way to bucket after bucket in your head. And you’re not wrong for imagining him that way, but doing so still does a disservice to the skill and finesse that makes Cousins one of the league’s best and most unique big men.

So here’s a reminder of the incredible and varied talents of Cousins. A video of high-flying dunks? Nah. Mid-range jumpers? Still no. How about a compilation of Boogie’s supremely underrated passing abilities?

Note the disparate means of Cousins’ dimes, too. Few players are capable of making every pass in the book, let alone those who rank among the biggest in the league. But conventional basketball thinking doesn’t apply to Boogie.

The transition no-look:

The interior over-head:

The cross-court bullet:

The pitch-perfect outlet:

There are better passing big men than Cousins in the NBA; Marc Gasol, Joakim Noah, and Blake Griffin, for instance, are on a whole ‘nother level of playmaking than Boogie. But no frontcourt player combines his back-to-the-basket prowess with this type of court sense and distributing skill.

If Cousins ever puts all of his talents together, it’s scary the type of player he’ll become. Of course, he’s pretty damn frightening already, too.

(Video courtesy of Evan Gualberto)

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