Simulated One-On-One Battle Between Lil B & Kevin Durant In NBA 2K14

03.17.14 5 years ago

For the uninitiated, Lil B is (an Internet) rapper, no — not an emcee, who has been beefing with Kevin Durant since the latter questioned his relevancy in a tweet. For a world scratching their head at the #BasedGod’s popularity, it was a relief. But Lil B has continued to play up his beef with Durantula.* Now the people at Pitchfork have created a Lil B character on NBA 2K14 and had him square off in a simulated version of what Lil B has been itching to participate in for months now: a one-on-one battle with KD.

Before you watch the video, you should head over to Grantland to check out their extended history of the beef. Lil B even gave an interview with SB Nation about the acrimony. Aside from KD’s lone tweet — now since deleted — Durant hasn’t mentioned Lil B as much as he’s put up with the BASED GOD’s constant exhortations to man up on Twitter. They do not get along. Lil B even cursed Durant, then removed the curse:



And we can’t forget to mention that Lil B recorded a mellifluous-sounding track earlier this month — creatively titled F**K Kevin Durant — attempting to instigate more of a reaction from the Thunder star while simultaneously showing off his hard-to-handle crooning skills.

Lil B From the Pack has used every opportunity to play up how scared he believes Durant is to play him one-on-one. Just for reference, Lil B is 5-6, and while he was good enough for a D-League tryout, Kevin Durant is still a wiry 6-9 with a wingspan close to 7-5. KD’s also probably this year’s NBA MVP.

Enough preamble, which could go on for days, here’s the simulated one-on-one matchup set to the #BASEDGOD’s crass KD song (turn the volume down on your computer).

*I’ll use KD, Durantula, Durant, or just Kevin, but I won’t use “The Servant” or “The Slim Reaper.” I just won’t — even if Lil B will curses me, too.

(Pitchfork; H/T Deadspin; Grantland)

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