Smash Mouth Is Trying To Trash Talk With Drake Ahead Of The NBA Finals

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The Raptors are heading to their first NBA Finals in franchise history after a massive second-half comeback to beat the Bucks in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Toronto fans are, understandably, fired up about reaching the Finals, where they will meet a very well-rested Warriors team, and no Raptors fan is more ubiquitous than Drake, the team’s ambassador who frequents the sidelines in his courtside seat. Drake found himself making headlines during the conference finals for being up and moving about during play, including a brief moment when he rubbed Nick Nurse’s shoulders.

The rapper was defiant against the criticism he faced from the likes of Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer, and Warriors players like Draymond Green have shrugged off any sort of impact he could have on a Finals series. While the Warriors themselves aren’t concerning themselves too much with Drake in the days leading up to the Finals, Bay Area band Smash Mouth are taking the fight to Drizzy on Twitter in the weirdest musician-beef possible.

My favorite part of this is Smash Mouth tagging E40 in this in an effort to get the legendary Oakland rapper and massive Warriors fan to join their side in this. Drake will most likely not respond to this because, well, it’s Smash Mouth, but if he does I expect him to come after the fact that they haven’t exactly been relevant in a good while.