Jordan Brand Teased The Triumphant Return Of The Monstars On The 20th Anniversary Of ‘Space Jam’

11.15.16 1 year ago

Nike / Warner Bros

Even though Space Jam 2 continues to look like a pipe dream, Space Jam nostalgia remains alive and well among millennials, the most coveted demographic in retail. As far as we know, Jordan brand can’t do anything to help make a new movie happen, but that didn’t stop them from releasing one of the most cryptic tweets we’ve ever seen from an apparel company.

So we know the Monstars are the bad guys in Space Jam, and Moron Mountain is the theme park whose owner runs the Monstars. From best we can tell, the number 11 is a reference to the Jordan XIs, which MJ wore in the movie and which are getting re-released very soon. The XXXI is also the newest Jordan shoe. How that relates to the Monstars remains to be seen, but the Monstars are apparently born again through the Jordan brand Twitter account.

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