Spalding Will Release A Snakeskin-Inspired Basketball To Honor Kobe Bryant

04.11.19 3 months ago


Kobe Bryant has made a brand out of his Mamba Mentality. From a puppet that pops up during ABC games to a training facility for athletes in the Los Angeles area, Bryant has tried hard to cultivate an association between he and the snake he named his alter ego after.

For those that identify with Bryant and his Mamba Mentality, the now-retired Laker legend partnered with Spalding to release a special edition basketball. Spalding revealed the ball earlier in the month, and it officially goes up for sale for Spalding MVP members on the company’s website on Friday morning. The rest of the limited run will then go on sale for $125 at 1 p.m. EST for non-MVP members and at Dick’s Sporting Goods’ website.

“The Mamba Mentality is what defined me throughout my career,” Bryant said in a release. “Spalding understands that product quality is a big part of that mentality.”

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