Spencer Dinwiddie Is Right: Stats Say Officials Don’t Respect The Nets

03.02.18 1 year ago

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The Brooklyn Nets dwell in the bottom tier of the NBA, and while the team is not “tanking” because there is no draft-related incentive to do so, a quick glance at the team’s roster reveals that Brooklyn’s talent does not match up with the best of the best in the league on a nightly basis. Still, the Nets play hard under head coach Kenny Atkinson and, despite the team’s 20-43 record, Brooklyn’s net rating (-4.7) reflects a team that has been a bit unlucky to compile its record.

While differences in win-loss record and net rating are often attributed to aforementioned luck, a study from Chris Herring and Neil Paine of FiveThirtyEight indicates that, in addition to common misfortune, the Nets have also encountered some officiating issues this season. The study, using information compiled from the league’s “Last Two Minute” reports, reveals that, while several teams have legitimate gripes with late-game officiating, the Nets top the list when it comes to whistles not flowing in their direction.

The report indicates that Brooklyn leads the NBA in calls flowing against them with 29 and no other team in the league has more than 24 missed whistles over the same time span. Beyond that, Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie sets the pace across the league with 10 individual calls that were not interpreted correctly, and … well, he isn’t happy about.

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