Spencer Dinwiddie Requests The NBA Take April 26 Off So People Can See ‘Avengers: Endgame’

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The NBA playoffs will begin on April 13, and the Brooklyn Nets expect to be part of the festivities in the East. The Nets are in the midst of a breakout season and have firm control on the sixth seed at present.

If the Nets were to extend a first round series deep into the possible seven games (or upsetting their opponent and reaching the second round), they might find themselves playing the final week of April. That would be a great feat, but for one of their best players, it would create some problems for their personal schedule if the NBA were to be cruel with game dates.

Spencer Dinwiddie is among the league’s best sixth men, averaging nearly 18 points per game off the bench for Brooklyn and providing some late game heroics this season. Dinwiddie backs up D’Angelo Russell, but they both play significant minutes and sometimes share the floor together in close games in the fourth. Dinwiddie is a great scoring guard, but also is a gigantic fan of comic book movies.

When the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer came out on Thursday, Dinwiddie made a request with the league to not schedule any playoff games on the film’s opening night, April 26, to allow the NBA world to go see the movie without having to miss postseason action.

It’s a simple plea and one that many NBA fans probably would like to see happen. Even if Dinwiddie isn’t playing that night, he’d like to at least be able to watch, and doesn’t want to find himself with a difficult choice of missing Avengers opening night or skipping out on watching playoff hoops.

Lots of NBA fans will face similar conundrums, so maybe the league should accept Dinwiddie’s request and offer a one-night reprieve so everyone can see what happens in the latest installment of Marvel’s mega-franchise.