Spencer Hawes Had A Wide Open Dunk But Spectacularly Blew It


Spencer Hawes is 7-foot-1 and plays professional basketball. There is an expectation that he can dunk a basketball under most circumstances, and that expectation is elevated when he’s wide open under the hoop and there is no one within like five feet of him.

But during Sunday’s game between the Hornets and the Cavaliers, Hawes was given the opportunity to score the easiest two points of his career. He failed. Hawes didn’t get especially high off the ground and he didn’t try and dunk with too much authority, so the ball just kind of rattled around before popping out of the rim and hitting the ground.

The crowd in Cleveland could only laugh because, well, this was hilarious. We’re positive that we’ll see this again on Shaqtin’ A Fool this week, and in honor of that, we give you this:

We can already hear the Inside the NBA dudes cracking up at this one. Oh, and later in the game, Hawes had the chance to make up for this miss by going up strong for a layup. He didn’t go into the contact, though, so Channing Frye decided to make him pay.

Hawes may want to skip the team’s next film study, because dude is gonna get clowned by everyone in the room.