Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich Talks Government Shutdown In Typically No-Nonsense Fashion

The U.S. government shutdown is entering it’s third week with both political parties lobbing accusations blaming the other for the impasse. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich — who’s language skills once made him a spy candidate — had some thoughts on the topic that’s dominated the news for the last couple of weeks.

CBS Sports’ Matt Moore asked Popovich whether he’d discussed the shutdown with his eclectic team. Popovich didn’t pull any punches, telling assembled reporters he thought the shutdown was similar to “children playing with toys.”

Thousands of government workers have been furloughed because of a fiscal wedge between Democrats and Republicans in both Congressional houses who are unable — or unwilling — to reach a compromise. With so many Spurs players from different countries, their conversations with their erudite (seriously, he is) coach present a broad spectrum of viewpoints on the issue.

Most of the foreign-born Spurs players agree that the American political in-fighting is “pretty silly” — at least to outsiders looking in.

But it’s had some very real effects on American families and could get a whole lot worse if America defaults on its loans, so we hope the government standoff ends soon.

[via Matt Moore at CBS Sports]

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