After This Kawhi Leonard Fan Got 12K RTs, He Had To Get Cornrows Just Like Klaw

01.25.16 3 years ago

Brayden Neubauer is a Spurs fan who also writes for the team blog Pounding the Rock. His goal this season was to get Kawhi Leonard a starting spot in the All-Star game. Leonard, despite winning a Finals MVP in 2014 and Defensive Player of the Year least season, has never made an All-Star team.

Neubauer sent out a tweet last week saying that if he got 12,000 retweets, he would get cornrows to match the hairstyle of the former Finals MVP. When his tweet blew up, Neubauer had no choice but to make good on his word. He even asked his followers for some advice about where to get his new look done.

Once the Spurs got wind of Neubauer’s plan, they smartly sent out a representative to the barber shop to make sure that they got his transformation on their various social-media platforms.

As for the end result, I’m not so sure Neubauer can pull off the look like Leonard can, but I’ve seen much worse.

The good news for Neubauer was that his effort was all worth it in the end. Leonard did end up nabbing the third Western Conference starting forward spot, narrowly holding off the surprising surge of Mavericks’ big man Zaza Pachulia by only 14,000 votes. So, Neubauer played a bigger role than expected in getting Kawhi his first starting spot. We’re guessing Kawhi won’t have much trouble getting votes in the future, though.

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