Steph Curry Hit The Deck To Avoid Getting Dunked On, But The Greek Freak Posterized Him Later Anyway

By now everyone knows that you don’t play defense in any All-Star Game. They are offensive exhibitions that exist solely to give fans the enjoyment of watching the best athletes in the world show off what they can do. Unfortunately, this does not include playing defense.

Despite this, we got a defensive highlight during the 2017 NBA All-Star Game. Well, it was something of a highlight in that it was a notable thing that occurred because of something a basketball player did on defense. Giannis Antentokounmpo – who has been awesome during the game – had a clear path to the rim en route to a windmill jam.

It wasn’t supposed to be clear, though, because Steph Curry was there. Curry decided it wasn’t worth getting put on a poster, though, so he just decided to lie down just out of the Greek Freak’s way.

The bad news for Curry was that this must have drawn Antentokounmpo’s ire, because a little bit later in the third quarter, Milwaukee’s tantalizingly talented young star went over the top of the two-time MVP and did this. DeAndre Jordan’s reaction says it all.

And to continue the whole “let’s watch Giannis do cool stuff” thing, here he is finishing an alley-oop. Pay special attention to the Western Conference’s bench, which wanted to go crazy but remembered that he is on the other team.

Antentokounmpo is a treasure, and the All-Star Game really is the perfect place for him to show off some of the absurd stuff he’s capable of doing on a basketball court.