Steph Curry FaceTimed Drake To Congratulate Him After The Raptors Won The NBA Title


In the 2019 NBA Finals, Steph Curry lost teammate Kevin Durant to a ruptured Achilles, Klay Thompson to a torn ACL, and ultimately the chance to threepeat for the first time since the Los Angeles Lakers in the early 2000s. And then, after all that, Curry had to Facetime a rambunctious Drake to congratulate him on his Toronto Raptors winning their first NBA title.

Walking out of Oracle Arena for the last time following the Raptors Game 6 win on Thursday night, Curry showed love to the man who fancies himself the 13th member of the Raptors.

Highlights of their conversation include:

-Curry incredulous over Drake already wearing Raptors championship apparel
-Drake saying “it’s love” close to 100 times in a 60 second conversation
-Drake asking Curry if he’s spoken with Kevin Durant, and Curry responding with “I’ma keep on it,” which feels like a sly way to say “I’m going to do what I can to keep him in Golden State.”
-Drake saying “Tell Klay even though he called me a p*ssy the other day it’s all good.”

If you’re tired of Drake being involved in every conversation around the NBA Finals, you probably won’t enjoy these next few days. He’s got a new song dropping today, and he’s probably documenting his Facetime with Alphonso McKinnie or some other Warriors bench player as we speak.