Steph Curry’s Pre-Game Popularity Led To Fans Suffering Minor Injuries Looking For Autographs

03.31.16 3 years ago
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Surprise! Stephen Curry was excellent again in Golden State’s Wednesday night win over the Jazz. The reigning MVP had 31 points, including six big ones in overtime, to pull the Warriors one game closer to 73 regular-season wins.

Before the game, however, but right after one of Steph’s electric pre-game routines, a rush of fans wanting Curry’s autograph led to three people being injured, per the Salt Lake Tribune:

After dazzling hundreds of fans who arrived early to watch him Wednesday night in Salt Lake City, Curry tried to make his return to the locker room when a swarm of people surged toward a corner of the arena for his autograph. In the rush, the railing gave way, causing at least one fan to fall a short way to Curry’s feet.

One adult and three children were evaluated. Three required medical treatment for minor injuries, a Jazz official said. Those three were treated and released with plenty of time to return to their seats before tipoff.

The good news is 1) it doesn’t appear any of the injuries were serious and 2) Curry gave the three injured people one signed piece of memorabilia each: a jersey, a basketball and a shoe. Still, the fact that three people were hurt, however minor the injuries were, shows that everyone needed to scale back the enthusiasm a click — or five. No autograph is worth getting hurt over.

Or maybe it is for these three people. Who knows.

Curry’s pre-game crowd is getting larger, so please be safe if you’re showing up early to watch him do his thing. Here’s how many oglers there were in Minnesota recently:

The minor injuries in Utah were more evidence Steph mania is crescendoing.

(Salt Lake Tribune)

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