Steph Curry And The Warriors Held A ‘Super Villain’ Party On Their Day Off

The Golden State Warriors appear to be embracing their role as the NBA’s villains. Steph Curry and the Warriors held a “Super Villains” party on their off day, complete with giant inflatable balloons and, um, temporary face tattoos.

The party also appeared to have its own custom “Super Villains” snapchat filter. Between that and the drone that was apparently there to provide photography, these are some fairly high-tech villains.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was asked about the party on Saturday after Warriors practice and had a bit of fun with reporters when they asked what the event’s theme meant for his team.

“Steph had a party,” Kerr told reporters. “It was just a team gathering and it was at his house. He made it a super villain theme.”

A reporter then asked about the giant “SUPER VILLAINS” balloons, which allowed Kerr to hilariously explain the economics of the inflatables industry.

“People make balloons and then they sell them and they sell them in individual letters so then you can just spell whatever you want,” a smiling Kerr said while reporters laughed. “It’s an interesting concept.”

Many took the party’s theme to mean the Dubs are embracing the role of the bad guy in the NBA after last season, in which they won the most games in NBA history, then blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals and signed the best available free agent in Kevin Durant.

When Kerr was asked about the party’s meaning, though, he simply said it was a good chance for his players to do non-basketball things together.

“We have a great group, they really like each other,” Kerr said. “We feel like we’re kinda growing a family and it’s fun to all get together on an off day and do something different that’s not basketball, so it’s great Steph put that party together.”

No word if anyone was spotted stroking a hairless cat or plotting the destruction of all life on Earth as we know it. I suppose, however, that could happen without much effort these days anyway.