Stephen A. Smith And Chris Broussard Yelled At Each Other Like Maniacs Over The Kevin Durant Signing

Kevin Durant has agreed to sign with the Golden State Warriors. This is massive news. The NBA world has blown up over it. Reactions on Twitter were intense and plentiful. Fans in Oklahoma City have not reacted well. Madness has descended upon the basketball world. Whenever that happens, you know Stephen A. Smith will emerge to shout from the mountaintops, or at least on ESPN.

The Durant news was so big that ESPN decided to interrupt Wimbledon coverage to discuss the landscape-changing signing (to be fair, Serena Williams was en route to crushing her opposition). Alas, the two talking heads that ESPN trotted out to discuss it were Chris Broussard and Smith, so you can probably guess how it went.

Basically, they just yelled at each other like crazy people, which is standard operating procedure for every one of Smith’s appearances. Unfortunately, it’s not a conversation about how Durant will fit in with the Warriors, or what the Thunder do now. It’s an argument about whether or not this is like when LeBron went to Miami, and whether or not that’s a bad thing. Smith is annoyed that Durant decided to sign with the Warriors for…well, his reasons are inane and who really cares, right?

This is all about watching Broussard and Smith go nuts on each other. They could have been screaming about anything and it would have been just as ridiculous. Something tells us this isn’t the last time Stephen A. will be yelling about Durant this season.

(Via Deadspin)