Stephen A. Smith Wanted To Make It Clear He Wasn’t On The Floor During The Eric Bledsoe-Joel Embiid Scrap


During Thursday night’s Milwaukee Bucks-Philadelphia 76ers matchup, one in which Giannis Antetokoumpo and the Bucks walked out of the Wells Fargo Center with a bit of a statement win ahead of the playoffs, Joel Embiid and Eric Bledsoe got into a bit of a dustup.

Following a play in which the two players got tangled, Embiid tossed the basketball at Bledsoe. After catching the ball, Bledsoe retaliated by firing the ball directly into Embiid’s chest, which then caused multiple members of each team to get into it near midcourt. Bledsoe would eventually be ejected.

As refs and coaches were in the middle of pulling Bucks and 76ers players away from each other to prevent a mild altercation from turning into something more serious, a man looking suspiciously like Stephen A. Smith came sprinting on to the court to help squash the skirmish.

Was this Smith? No, but people still ran with it because Stephen A. Smith running onto the court to break up a basketball fight would be incredible. On Friday morning, as only Stephen A. could, the ESPN personality categorically denied that he was the man in the video, despite being captured by cameras in the crowd giving some love to Allen Iverson, who was also at the game.

All we can do is take Smith’s word that this was not him. However, we can also just pretend that he did not make this video and go about our lives thinking Stephen A. Smith believes it is his responsibility to break up fights that happen during NBA games.