Steph Curry Badly Bobbles His Dish In ESPN “Kichen Cookoff” Against His Wife

The Warriors won again on Friday against a LeBron-less Cavs team, and Stephen Curry was on point at the point self 23 points, 10 dimes and just one turnover in the 114-92 shellacking. Even if ESPN served chicken curry in the cafeteria the Saturday after the game, it’s not to celebrate Curry. After going incognito among the “This is Sportscenter” kistch staff, he attempted to thwart his wife Ayesha in a cookoff for the ages.

The judge for this intra-Curry kitchen match is none other then Curry progeny, Bailey!

In the excited words of Bailey, “Let’s do this!”

Ayesha Curry is a talented chef with her own line of extra virgin olive oil. Steph is just an NBA All-Star and 2015 MVP candidate, who only had his signature line with Under Armour revealed this week.

You can probably predict how this turns out:

Spoiler, Steph didn’t fare so well…

…but that doesn’t mean he can’t mix up some tasty dishes on the hardwood:


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