See Steph Curry Ruthlessly Dominate His Dad In A Game Of H-O-R-S-E

Steph Curry recently passed his dad, Dell, on the NBA’s list of career three-pointers. This would seem to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Steph is the superior shooter. Yet, as every shooter knows, arguments about superiority can only be settled by one thing: a game of H-O-R-S-E. Adhering to these ancient decrees of combat, Dell and Steph, with the help of GQ, found a court to play out this duel. It… did not go well for the elder Curry.

Steph was absolutely merciless in his decimation of his father. He apparently disregarded the Commandment to honor thy father and mother, despite his Christian faith. From the get-go, he lets Dell know he won’t taking it easy on him, saying, “There are no rules in HORSE,” after his dad asks about having to be in-bounds. Dell holds his own, for a bit, but then Steph gets in a rhythm and makes quick work of his father. His coup de grace – a no-look, over-the-shoulder shot from the free throw line – is borderline humiliating.


It’s never easy for a father to admit defeat to his son, but given the astronomical heights Steph has reached in his still-young career, it’s probably fair to say that Dell is just fine playing second-fiddle to Steph.


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