Stephen Curry Didn’t Think Much Of The Raptors’ ‘Janky’ Fourth Quarter Defense In Game 2

06.02.19 2 months ago

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When the Raptors went up against the Warriors in Game 2, they did so with the intention of attacking them defensively. Forget outscoring a team like Golden State. Toronto is going the other direction and attempting to win this series on defense, which makes sense with players like Kawhi Leonard, Pascal Siakam, and Kyle Lowry on the roster. One player who didn’t appreciate the Raptors defense though was Stephen Curry.

The Warriors star commented on their defensive tactics after the game, calling it “janky” and then taking it a step further by criticizing them for leaving Andre Iguodala open in the closing moments. To that point, Curry is dead on because Iguodala could not have been any more open had he tried.

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