Stephon Marbury Stayed In China As A Coach To Give Back To The Country That Embraced Him

Stephon Marbury is one of basketball’s great redemption stories. After epically flaming out in the NBA when he was with the New York Knicks, Marbury’s future in professional basketball was anything but certain. But it wasn’t long before Marbury found new life overseas and reinvented himself in the Chinese Basketball Association. Fans in China embraced him almost immediately, and over the years, he’s become a superstar, with entire museums and feature-length theatrical performances celebrating his life and career.

After leading his Beijing Ducks to three CBA championships, Marbury’s on-court career has come to an end, but he’s now apparently making the transition to coaching, and he’s opted to remain in the country that embraced him and share his wisdom with the next generation of Chinese basketball players.

In a new mini-doc, Marbury talked about the joys and challenges of coaching in a league where he doesn’t speak the language and why it was important for him to give back to a community that lifted him up in a difficult period of his life.

Marbury works with a translator to communicate with his players, and the learning curve is a steep one on both sides, but the respect and awe he commands thanks to the reputation he’s built over the years is undeniable. Marbury has also paved the way for other current and former players who, for whatever reason, may have to explore opportunities beyond the NBA. Even with his playing days behind him, his story in China continues as he opens up a whole new chapter.