Stephon Marbury is a Champion

03.30.12 6 years ago

stephon marbury cba chamionship

About a week ago, we brought you the story of Stephon Marbury rampaging his way through the Chinese Basketball Association with all the swagger we remember from the Steph from years ago.

And now today, we can call Marbury “champion.”

His Beijing Ducks took out the favored Guandong Tigers (led by Aaron Brooks) 5-1 in the CBA finals, closing out the series last night, 124-121.

Steph was a beast last night and throughout, scoring 41 in the final game. After the game, Steph tweeted the following:

I wanna thank all of the reporters who said I couldn’t play basketball anymore. I took your negative energy and turned it in positive energy

He then followed that up with the image you see above and the words, “God is great and jesus is real!”

Will we ever see Marbury in an NBA uniform at any point?

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