The Celtics Lead The League In Threads; Baron Davis Wants Back In

08.24.12 7 years ago

It’s the dog days of August. Free agency is basically over and teams can’t make any trades of those free agents until mid-December. But do the debates end in the NBA? Of course not. This next one can get fans heated: Who has the nicest threads in the league? The internet’s apostle of apparel, Paul Lukas, at Uni Watch brought up this debate today and crowned the Boston Celtics as the gold standard to go with their 17 titles. (See Paul Pierce above as the example, of course). We even dig the alternate with the black piping. It even gives KG a harder edge on the court, not that he needs it. No. 2 surprised us a little: San Antonio. No doubt black and silver is a dope combo but is it better than the Lakers or the Bulls? The Spurs unis that George Gervin rocked, with the black on black text and inset diamond on the shorts (like the Bulls) are undisputedly nasty. … Speaking of Paul Pierce these custom Air Force 1s are must cops for Celtic fans. … Damn, if things weren’t getting worse for Sacramento this week, their uniforms were ranked as the worst of the league. Of course we’re referring to the drama of a Virginia Beach move, or so a report said on Thursday. The Kings denied it up and down today. Well, Kings fans are still having a better week than Prince Harry and Samsung. … LeBron James is great — amazing, even — but Dwyane Wade made the right call by saying his teammate still isn’t close to catching Michael Jordan. Our guy Sean Sweeney took up Wade’s argument and put it into a head to head matchup. There’s this point that can’t be forgotten by people who are judging solely off of stats (which is stupid but, you can’t stop them): Michael will be about six seasons behind LeBron by the time LBJ hits age 32. That’s a hell of an advantage. Could Bron win five more titles to match MJ? We all were thinking, uh oh, he figured it out, in June but now that the Lakers have turned into your fantasy team on steroids, it just got a lot more difficult. … Seattle residents be warned: You don’t have an NBA team anymore but that’s not an excuse not to drop by an estate sale at a house on some land owned by Nick Collison. You ever wanted some former furniture from a Sonic? If you want a half-moon sofa, it’s all yours. … Hit the jump to read about why Baron Davis isn’t leaving NYC anytime soon…

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