The Milwaukee Bucks’ New Uniforms Are Absolutely Fantastic

The Milwaukee Bucks are a team on the rise, and now they have a look befitting their status as future contenders. The franchise unveiled its new jerseys at a block party in downtown Milwaukee today, and we don’t think the redesign could possibly be much better.

Though these new kits aren’t a drastic departure from the team’s basic look of the past decade, they’re still a major, major upgrade – and immediately among the league’s best uniforms. Instant classic, right?

The unique custom font and subtle incorporation of blue tailoring are what catch our eye most, though the negative space “M” on the side of the shorts is certainly awesome, too. For a full breakdown of the mostly meaningless ridiculous behind the uniforms’ details – including the “blue collar work ethic” of Wisconsin – click here.

We were always looking forward to watching Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker, and company grow over the next half decade. And with this fantastic re-brand, the Bucks won’t only be playing like one of basketball’s best teams soon enough – they’ll look like it, too.

[Via Bucks]