The NBA’s Most Bizarre Training Camp Injury

Promising Cleveland Cavaliers guard Manny Harris knows that he can contribute to the team, he just needs to be on the floor. Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen for at least two weeks because Harris is in the same condition as the old hamburger meat in the back of your freezer.

Harris is sidelined with what is being called “freezer burn.”

He apparently showed up at camp with some sort of weird burn on his right foot that he says occurred when he was working out at a Nike training facility in November. From Cleveland.com:

It’s believed he suffered the burn while sitting in a cooling chamber, a new-age alternative to ice baths. The machines are supposed to help in speeding the healing process for injuries. Harris said he’s not sure how the mishap occurred. It was first reported by the Waiting For Next Year blog.

Harris tried to let it heal naturally before allowing a doctor in Detroit to prescribe a cream or ointment.

Well ok then.

What is the weirdest basketball injury you have ever seen or heard of?

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