The Top 10 NBA Fashion Trendsetters On Instagram

NBA Players love to show out on Instagram on a daily basis. Some of them like Nate Robinson love to show off pictures and videos of their kids while other guys like Rip Hamilton show off their lifetime supply of Js. Instagram is also home to all of the NBA’s off-the-court trendsetters.

While we’ve covered who the top players are to follow on Instagram already, we take a look at the NBA’s top fashion pioneers and the outfits that they showcase on our Instagram news feeds.

Here are the NBA’s top 10 trendsetters on Instagram.

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‘Melo solidified himself last season as one of the NBA’s best dressed and did so with his trademark fedoras — bringing back the style from early in the 20th century. While ‘Melo dresses within his comfort zone, you can always count on his Instagram account to provide you a variety of fedoras as he turns back the hands of time of the fashion police.

Wall is a star on the horizon after recently signing a max deal with Washington, but his ability to set trends is on the rise as well. Wall is seen below sporting a colorful snapback that includes pink rose flower print, a backpack that has leopard print straps, what looks to be a t-shirt inspired from the movie Jaws, and a pair of fashionable maroon pants. Look for the Wizards to make it out to the playoffs of the top-heavy Eastern Conference next season and for a stylish appearance for Wall at the podium.

Even though has been much higher on our fashion lists in the past, both good and bad, we’ve got him locked in at number eight here. You can find the King on Instagram straight flexing in his red tuxedo fresh off of back-to-back NBA titles. Throw in the stunner shades and a bow-tie and ‘Bron continues with trying to set trends. While we already know D-Wade does his own thing when it comes to fashion in South Beach, LBJ pushes his fashion envelope just enough while knowing his limits.

If you take a look at Nate’s Instagram history, it’s no wonder why he made our list. In fact, he was one of our top five players to follow on Instagram overall. Nate’s colorful personality is shown in his swagger, but also in his fashion game as well. Kryptonate loves taking pictures with latest fashion hookups, whether it is sneakers or apparel. Best part about it for the designers is that he always shows off the gear and where he got it as seen below.

Okay maybe not all of his on-court trends catch on, especially in terms of playing time, but off the court, Crawford knows how to dress in the dopest gear. Whether it’s rocking a flashy jacket, fresh Js, a gold chain, or all of the above — Crawford travels everywhere in style.

Amar’e certainly is daring with what he rocks, but most of the time he gets commended for his fashion sense. In one picture below, STAT (are people still calling him that?) is seen sporting Versace threads and a gold chain while in another he is spotted fresh off a workout in John Stockton‘s shorts. While his attempt to bring back the short shorts may not be trending, Stoudemire’s versatility off the court is respected by many fashion experts.

George is another player who isn’t afraid of taking risks off the court when it comes to his apparel. The 23-year-old superstar is seen below prepping for the ESPY Awards in glasses, a leather button-up shirt, skinny tie, pink pants, and some slippers that seem to be inspired by heavy metal. George proves on his Instagram account that time after time he can get away with wearing certain things while other people try and replicate his style.

Swaggy P is always seen on Instagram rocking designer shirts that have unique patterns or prints. Young has always had a reputation for being one of the league’s most fashionable. The L.A. Lakers guard is another player who always has a gold chain in his outfit and expect for Young to push his fashion limits under the bright lights of Hollywood next season.

The leather shirts, the sleeveless hoodies and the animal print tops are NBA trends that should be credited to Westbrook after he went all out during his 2012 NBA Playoff run. While Westbrook is certainly fearless on the court, he is just as fearless off the court with what he puts on every day. Russ is constantly updating his style across our Instagram timelines and does so with his unique swagger.

While it is a close call in the fashion department between Westbrook and Shumpert, New York’s two-guard trademark flattop is a trend picked up amongst college and high school basketball players across the country, including Nerlens Noel. Shump not only took his hairdo to Iwitter, but elevated it to the next level by putting the adidas stripes in the back of it before the commish made him remove it. Now it just looks like the beginning of the Illuminati symbol but we don’t think Shump’s trying to get that one trending.

Which NBA player has the best off-court style?

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