The Top 10 NBA Fashion Trendsetters On Instagram

08.08.13 5 years ago
Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert (photo. @is_21_nykallday)

NBA Players love to show out on Instagram on a daily basis. Some of them like Nate Robinson love to show off pictures and videos of their kids while other guys like Rip Hamilton show off their lifetime supply of Js. Instagram is also home to all of the NBA’s off-the-court trendsetters.

While we’ve covered who the top players are to follow on Instagram already, we take a look at the NBA’s top fashion pioneers and the outfits that they showcase on our Instagram news feeds.

Here are the NBA’s top 10 trendsetters on Instagram.

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‘Melo solidified himself last season as one of the NBA’s best dressed and did so with his trademark fedoras — bringing back the style from early in the 20th century. While ‘Melo dresses within his comfort zone, you can always count on his Instagram account to provide you a variety of fedoras as he turns back the hands of time of the fashion police.

Wall is a star on the horizon after recently signing a max deal with Washington, but his ability to set trends is on the rise as well. Wall is seen below sporting a colorful snapback that includes pink rose flower print, a backpack that has leopard print straps, what looks to be a t-shirt inspired from the movie Jaws, and a pair of fashionable maroon pants. Look for the Wizards to make it out to the playoffs of the top-heavy Eastern Conference next season and for a stylish appearance for Wall at the podium.

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