Tim Hardaway Jr. Has High Expectations For His First Season With The Knicks

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Tim Hardaway Jr. has made a commitment to the New York Knicks, but getting him to nail down his season predictions proves to be a bit more difficult.

Hardaway is a blank slate when it comes to preseason predictions, except when he’s not. The Knicks are expecting big things out of him this season, and it seems that Hardaway alternates between thinking the team is headed for the postseason or perhaps nothing at all.

Hardaway was asked by the media on Thursday about his hopes for the season. At first, he seemed uninterested.

“I don’t have expectations,” Hardaway said.

Then, suddenly, he had expectations.

“My expectation for this team is to go to the playoffs and nothing more,” Hardaway said. “It starts with practice tomorrow.”

Wait… what? I mean, it’s good that he thinks they’re a playoff team. But “playoffs and nothing more” is kind of a weird thing to admit out loud.

Hardaway signed a huge deal with the Knicks this summer, so it’s safe to say he’s got a lot invested in the team’s success. While most people aren’t expecting much from a team that finally jettisoned Carmelo Anthony and needs to find a way to keep Kristaps Porzingis happy, Hardaway seems both excited and unexcited about the start of the new season.

Which is OK! It’s good to contain multitudes. Opinions can change. Or, you can have no opinions at all.