Tobias Harris Is Finishing The NBA Season On Instagram And The 76ers Are Unbeatable

With the NBA season suspended there hasn’t been too much for players to do as they wait out the COVID-19 pandemic and do their best to stay healthy. Many players have been safe by staying inside, social distancing, and social quarantining to avoid catching the virus or in some cases avoid spreading it.

This has led to players going a little stir crazy in a variety of ways. In fact there’s one player letting it get to him so bad that he’s now pretending the season is simply still happening. That’s 76ers forward Tobias Harris, who has been active on his Instagram posting the results of games that aren’t happening. You’ll be surprised to find out that in Harris new simulated season the 76ers are unbeatable.

If we follow the 76ers old schedule we see that they have a pretty winnable stretch of games coming up with the Bulls, Timberwolves, Suns, and Trail Blazers on the docket. Then they finish off March with a must see contest against the Rockets. In the Tobias Harris Instagram simulation will he have his team crush this streak of games without problem or will we see a post about bouncing back from a tough loss? Personally I’m expecting the Sixers to win out the rest of March if not the season. Call it a hunch.

[via ESPN]