Tobias Harris Is Heartbroken Over Boban Marjanovic Going To The Mavericks

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The Dallas Mavericks agreed to terms (two years, $7 million) with free agent center Boban Marjanovic on Wednesday, but the real story is the break up of one of the great NBA friendships of our time. For the first time in three seasons, Marjanovic and Tobias Harris will not be teammates.

Harris and Marjanovic, collectively known as Tobi and Bobi, first joined forces in Detroit when Marjanovic signed with the Pistons as a free agent during the offseason. Harris had been traded there after signing a four-year contract in Orlando the previous summer. The two became fast friends, despite Harris being four years younger and single while Marjanovic is married with kids.

The pair was eventually traded together to the Clippers in return for Blake Griffin. That’s when they went full Hollywood and decided to turn their friendship into the “Bobi and Tobi” show. At media day, Boban received more questions about the web series than his actual basketball fit on the Clippers.

Boban is beloved around the league. Doc Rivers noted that when they played in Detroit, every single Pistons staffer wanted to reconnect with him. Gregg Popovich called him up after the trade and told Rivers how much he would enjoy having Boban on the team. But no one loves Boban quite like Harris does, who legitimately views him as his best friend.

That’s part of the reason why when Harris was traded to Philadelphia at the 2019 trade deadline, the Clippers made sure to send Boban in the deal to make the transition easier. Unfortunately, though the Sixers gave Harris a new contract this offseason, they bolstered their frontcourt with Al Horford and Kyle O’Quinn, and thus no longer had a need for Boban on the team.

The two will assuredly still be best friends – after all, Harris was Boban’s plus-one at the John Wick 3 premiere earlier this summer – but no longer teammates. And in response to all of this, the pair of pals were heartbroken on Twitter.

But at the end of the day, Harris is happy his pal is getting a new opportunity.

No matter what, because everyone’s favorite friendship came to an end, today is a sad day for the NBA.