The Top 10 College Basketball Freshman Flying Under The Radar This Year

11.13.14 5 years ago

Well guys its that time of year again, this time last year we brought you our first edition of our “Under-the-radar” list and we’re back at it again. Granted, this year doesn’t have a large load of potential number one picks that could cause a couple players to be lost in the shuffle, but needless to say there are some gems that are going unnoticed. This year features a crop of talent that will add to the overall depth of their respective teams, but over time turn into the role players that can help change the face of their programs.

Lets be honest folks, fans can count off numerous players who were not your average lottery picks, but later on down the line turned into complete studs. So just take this list as a “told you so” moment for when that time comes. That said, take a peek at the future “Diaper Dandies” of tomorrow and start circling some “must-see” games on your calendar.

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10. Ahmed Hill
School: Virginia Tech

The former Marquette commit signed on to follow Buzz Williams down to Tech, and it might have been the best move the young kid could possibly make. First off, Hill is a big difference maker on court. The high-flying Georgia native is known for his out-of-the-building jumping ability, but more importantly his ability to put the ball in the hoop and defend at his position. It’s his durability and aggressiveness on defense that separates him from his peers. With the recent transfer of Maryland point guard Seth Allen to the Hokies, Ahmed Hill has a backcourt mate he can get buckets with, but he’ll also receive a helping of on-court experience at the Division I level.

9. Paul White
School: Georgetown

To put it simply, Georgetown has a complete stud in Paul White. Although he was overshadowed by his teammate Jahlil Okafor (he’s going to be a problem) this past season at Whitney Young, this lengthy forward will definitely be mentioned among the elites. With his stifling ability on D and his ability to guard people at multiple positions, its safe to say Paul White will be on the radar of opponents.

The combo forward has great abilities on the offensive side and can finish with contact around the rim. He’s a combo forward who can score in multiple ways and will be expected to help anchor this Georgetown team that was clearly the worst defensive team John Thompson III had in some years.

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