The Raptors Celebrated Their Win Over Houston With A Picture Of Beardless James Harden

11.14.17 6 months ago

Getty Image

The Toronto Raptors took down the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night. Toronto marched into Houston and shredded the Rockets’ defense, outpacing the high-powered Houston attack 129-113. DeMar DeRozan led the way for Toronto with a 27-point performance, and on the other side, James Harden went off for 38 points and 11 assists.

After the game ended, the Raptors’ social media team decided to have some fun at Harden’s expense. Poking fun at an opposing player in a lighthearted way after a win isn’t extremely common, even if it has happened from time to time.

This is probably the best use of Twitter to get a laugh thanks to an opposing player, though. Toronto’s social media team went way back into the Harden archives and dug up this picture. See if you can notice the difference between this Harden and the Harden you watch nowadays.

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