Tyrese Haliburton Bodied Wally Szczerbiak After He Called Haliburton A ‘Supposed, Wannabe, Fake All-Star’

New York Knicks broadcaster Wally Szczerbiak had some choice words for Tyrese Haliburton after a recent Knicks win over the Indiana Pacers. Szczerbiak, a one-time All-Star selection who played for four teams in his career, blasted Haliburton for being a “supposed, wannabe, fake All-Star.” It is unclear why he did this — it seemed to be a way to uplift Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle in their efforts to make it to the All-Star Game — but even then, Szczerbiak really went in.

Haliburton got the chance to respond to Szczerbiak during an appearance on Taylor Rooks’ podcast, and he made one thing clear: He’s not 100 percent certain who Wally Szczerbiak is.

“I have no clue!” Haliburton said when Rooks asked what he did to Szczerbiak. “I know the name Wally Szczerbiak, I couldn’t tell you where he played, I couldn’t tell you what he did as a basketball player. I don’t know, he had a lot to say about me, and I was really questioning, like, first, who is this, and why is he talking about me like this?”

Haliburton went on to say that he doesn’t ever recall explicitly saying he wanted to be an All-Star and for people to vote for him, then attributed Szczerbiak’s rant to him being excited after a Knicks win and trying to get attention.

Haliburton is in the midst of a breakout campaign, averaging 19.5 points and 10.7 assists in 33.4 minutes per game for the Pacers this season.