The Ultimate Dime Magazine Covers Collection

11+ years, more than 70 issues and more than 5 million print copies in circulation – Dime Magazine has not only been a mainstay in the basketball universe, but it has also changed the way readers consume basketball content. Before us, there were no magazines that focused on what happened on the court and what ballplayers were into away from it.

We broke new ground, pioneered, and then championed basketball culture. And I have been lucky enough to be here for every minute of the ride. It’s high time we take a look back at how far we’ve come and the generations we have traversed. Here are all of Dime‘s covers in chronological order, from the most recent all the way back to gem you see at the top of this post from 2001.

There’s a story behind every single one of these covers. Some were more challenging to pull off than others (I have spent a lifetime waiting in hotels for Allen Iverson), some were ridiculous (Shaq was very specific about his “Godfather” costume as well as the requested gummy bears on set for Dime #38) and some were downright inspired (look no further than Kobe Bryant‘s self-authored cover story and art-directed cover shoot for Dime #22). Some day we will get around to telling all of the stories, but for now, here’s a visual tour of how far we – and the game – have come:

Dime 73: Kevin Durant, James Harden Kyrie Irving

Dime 72: Damian Lillard

Dime 71: Kobe Bryant

Dime 70: John Wall

Dime 69: Derrick Rose

Dime 68: The Miami Heat

Dime 67: Kyrie Irving

Dime 66: John Wall

Dime 65: Aquille Carr

Dime 64: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

Dime 63: Derrick Rose

Dime 62: Blake Griffin

Dime 61: Chris Paul

Dime 60: Dwight Howard

Dime 59: Kevin Durant

Dime 58: LeBron James

Dime 57: John Wall

Dime 56: Rajon Rondo

Dime 55: Kobe Bryant

Dime 54: Dwyane Wade

Dime 53: Carmelo Anthony

Dime 52: Amar’e Stoudemire

Dime 51: Kevin Durant

Dime 50: Derrick Rose

Dime 49: Blake Griffin

Dime 48: Brandon Roy

Dime 47: LeBron James

Dime 46: Brandon Jennings

Dime 45: Kevin Garnett

Dime 44: Gilbert Arenas

Dime 43: Kobe Bryant

Dime 42: Lance Stephenson

Dime 41: “The Best Season Ever”

Dime 40: Michael Beasley

Dime 39: Kobe Bryant

Dime 38: Shaquille O’Neal

Dime 37: Dwight Howard

Dime 36: Chris Paul

Dime 35: Greg Oden

Dime 34: “The Dream Team” – Lance Stephenson, Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday, Derrick Favors & Luke Babbitt

Dime 33: Chris Bosh

Dime 32: Kevin Durant

Dime 31: LeBron James

Dime 30: Kevin Garnett

Dime 29: Gilbert Arenas

Dime 28: Allen Iverson

Dime 27: Tracy McGrady

Dime 26: Dwyane Wade

Dime 25: Carmelo Anthony

Dime 24: Tyreke Evans

Dime 23: Chris Paul

Dime 22: Kobe Bryant

Dime 21: Vince Carter

Dime 20: Jermaine O’Neal

Dime 19: Dwyane Wade

Dime 18: Fat Joe / Skywalker

Dime 17: O.J. Mayo

Dime 16: Carmelo Anthony

Dime 15: Chris Webber

Dime 14: Amar’e Stoudemire

Dime 13: Dwyane Wade

Dime 12: Hot Sauce

Dime 11: Ray Allen / Latrell Sprewell

Dime 10: Ricky Davis

Dime 9: Gary Payton / Dwight Howard

Dime 8: Stephon Marbury

Dime 7: Kobe Bryant

Dime 6: Allen Iverson

Dime 5: Paul Pierce

Dime 4: Baron Davis

Dime 3: Kenyon Martin

Dime 2: Tracy McGrady

Dime 1: Allen Iverson

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